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What my clients are saying
Wedding Lindsey & John

Lindsey & John

We had a very small, inexpensive wedding. Even with fewer than 20 guests, there is no way we would have pulled it all off without Andy’s help. She was there to handle the mundane, the major, and the unexpected, allowing us to focus on each other and our important day. No wedding day goes exactly as planned, but with help, it can be perfect. I highly recommend Andy for your event!

Photo by Coco McKown

Wedding Lee & Nick

Lee & Nick

"Andy is a true professional! She made our wedding easy and enjoyable, and I always felt supported throughout our entire planning process and especially the day of the wedding. We couldn’t of done it without her."

Photo by Taylor Denton

Wedding Ellen & Keaton

Ellen & Keaton

We were ready to be married but we weren’t ready to get married. Andrea was recommended to us and saved our sanity after Covid made us reschedule multiples times to then have the hottest day on record for the ceremony. Stressful to say the least but alleviated by the knowledge, experience, and diligence of [Andrea’s event planning service]. Cliche but my own wedding was the best I’ve been to and it went off without hitch thanks to her. A wedding planner is worth every penny and she gave us the chance to enjoy our big day by not worrying about all the moving parts. Highly recommend, 10/10

Photo by Studio 623 Photography

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Kurtis & Roland

Andy is awesome!

We had an unconventional schedule for our wedding - married in February in intimate ceremony and then reception in August with larger group of friends and family. Andy was our reception coordinator, and was great to work with. She listened to our various ideas, helped us get them into a timeline, then followed up on various details as the day approached. She’s energetic but easy going, and helped keep my anxiety in check as the party day got closer. I would highly recommend her!

Photo by Damon Bowe Photography


Jessica & Jason

We couldn't have done it without her

I'm so glad we hired Andy. I had no idea how stressful and time consuming planning a wedding would be. I understand some people love it, but it's okay if you don't. Andy is so understanding and helpful, and empowered us to feel okay and not guilty about our decisions. All of her vendor recommendations were awesome. It really seems to make a difference when your wedding is run by really nice people who love weddings. Everyone really helped to make our wedding a dream come true, and I couldn't thank her enough for making that happen. My only regret is that I didn't hire Andy earlier. Highly recommend!

Photo by T. Lukas Photography


Lindsay & Todd

Andy and her team did an amazing job with our outdoor wedding of 150 guests. She was punctual, helpful, directive, attentive, and did a beautiful job with the setup of our wedding. We were able to really enjoy our big day without any worries in mind.

I highly recommend Double A Weddings & Events for your wedding or event

Photo by Taylor Denton


Jamie & Bret

It took me a few weeks to write this review.  Nothing I wrote seemed like enough to fully explain our gratitude to Andy & Double A Weddings & Events!!  Andy was an absolutely amazing collaborator on how to make our wedding day OURS. Nothing was off limits, too crazy or too non-traditional.  Andy was extremely gracious & patient w/any questions we had or curveballs we threw at her.  I was frozen & overwhelmed trying to plan our wedding on my own, the best thing I did for our wedding (besides snag the groom) was hiring Andy & Double A!  Not only did she bring a wealth of knowledge on weddings & overall event planning, but she was incredibly organized, attentive, responsive, professional, easy to work with & most importantly (to me, at least) was able to bring my stress level down w/just a “touch base” call or email so I knew we were doing great w/our timeline.  I cannot recommend Andy & Double A enough; if you have an upcoming wedding or event, HIRE DOUBLE A WEDDINGS & EVENTS!!

Photo by Jenna Van Valen


Margy & Scott

We hired Andy (Double A Wedding & Events) to be our day-of coordinator. I also hired her to help with a little bit of the planning and vendor correspondence as well. I cannot recommend Andy enough. She made our wedding day easy and seamless. The only thing we had to worry about on our wedding day was having fun and getting married. Andy handled everything else. I 100% recommend hiring her for your wedding day. You will be glad you have her on your side!

Photo by Go Play Outside

Wedding Sam & Dan

Sam & Dan

We were one of those couples who figured we could do it all on our own, without the help of a Wedding Coordinator. However, after hiring Andy to help with our day-of coordination, we came to realize that we couldn't have been more wrong. Behind the scenes, Andy made the whole event run smoother. She knew what to do, where to be, and who to talk to. We are so thankful for her services and would definitely recommend her to any couple out there searching for the right person to assist with their wedding planning needs. She was thoughtful, organized, and kept us on track throughout the whole day. Double A ++ rating!!!

Photo by Shelby Brakken


Jeff & Taylor

If you're thinking about hiring Andy... DO IT! Our wedding venue required us to have a day of coordinator and looking back I'm so glad it did because we found Andy. Without her talent and expertise, our day wouldn't have flowed as smoothly as it did. With Andy, you can expect prompt communication, excellent organization, and really a friend throughout the stressful wedding planning process. She is a big advocate for having your wedding the way YOU want and makes sure everything behind the scenes gets done in a timely manner. My husband and I joke if we ever get married again we'd hire Andy in a heartbeat!

Photo by Kayla Sprint

Wedding Emily & Colin

Emily & Colin

I can't recommend Andy enough. She was a game changer on our wedding day that I didn't even knew I needed. Our wedding was the best day ever, but what I underestimated was how overwhelming it was going to be. Enter Andy! I was smart enough to hire her as my day-of coordinator and there isn't enough room for me to fully express my gratitude, but I’ll try to keep it short (like me). We had a DIY wedding at my husband's family farm home which involved many different aspects to keep track of. Andy was there to help set up space, decorate, direct all my bridesmaids and groomsmen what to do, and, like a complete professional, was able to come up with solutions for problems I hadn't anticipated and graciously dealt with the unpredictable personalities at the wedding. Colin and I couldn't have been happier on our wedding day, and we have Andy to thank for that. I fully trusted that she had everything in hand, and not only did she help us on the day of the wedding, but she was also my partner in crime for a year of planning. I would have gone crazy if I didn't have her to bounce ideas and complain about the details. 

Photo by Lukas Korynta

Molly & Josh Wedding

Molly & Josh

Andy is a true gem of a soul! Her attention to detail, and attunement to the needs of her clients is beyond amazing. She is incredibly organized and can help even the most clueless, frazzled, and ADHD-riddened couple pull together a beautiful and unique event. Our event had multiple challenges.

1. As mentioned, my husband and I are neurodivergent. This causes us to get overwhelmed easily and can quickly make a simple task incredibly difficult. This also makes it very hard for us to make decisions (I know, easily nightmare clients). Andy never made us feel ashamed for who we are or our disabilities. Instead, she made things flow effortlessly. She planned things in a way for us to enjoy our day and have time to not get overstimulated/overwhelmed. Made sure we got to actually eat the delicious food we paid $$ for. Hey, weddings are expensive- she made sure we could actually enjoy ours!

2. We have two young children that were a huge part of our ceremony. Andy was kind, patient, and understanding. I never felt rushed or pressured with a timeline. Children are unpredictable and we planned for just that. Andy had perfect suggestions to make things easier for our family to enjoy the day. Above and beyond!

3. Our ceremony was not traditional in any way. The requirements were different and followed a pagan style ritual that could have thrown any seasoned event specialist off their game. This was not the case whatsoever for Andy. She was able to flawlessly move throughout the event, effortlessly working with our vendors and handling issues that arose with grace and professionalism.

4. Our ceremony took place near Mt Si, which was a trek not just for Andy, but most guests! Andy had amazing advice. She was on time, prompt, and had great communication with the vendors during planning and execution. She heard what we wanted and simply, made it happen. We wanted a drum circle, so we made sure to have everything onsite and available and she got the party started!

I would recommend Double A Weddings & Events ten times over. Best decision we made. Period. She's fun and not afraid to speak up for her clients. You won't get anyone more dedicated or cool to hang out with on your wedding day! Thank you Andy!

Photo by Tiffany Rosendahl

Wedding Mackenzie & Nate

Mackenzie & Nate

I 1000% recommend hiring a coordinator for your wedding! Andy was hands down the BEST to work with and made the whole process smooth and low stress! I honestly don't know what would have happened had we not hired Andy and Double A Weddings & Events. Looking back- the thought of me planning my wedding all myself is laughable, there's no way it would've turned out as magical and beautiful. Andy wasn't just our coordinator, she truly was a guest at our wedding who also made sure that everything went as it should, I can't recommend her enough! She was super easy to get in contact with, very timely with emails, we had several video chats, site visits, she helped communicate with all my vendors, you name it, she was there! I need to have another event just so I can hire Andy, absolutely my go to for future planning!

Photo by Abby Rae Photography

What other vendors are saying

Just Hire Her!!!!!

I am a wedding photographer and had the pleasure of working with Double A Weddings and it was a breeze. She was kind, welcoming and just made everything run smoothly. She not only took care of me as anther vendor and communicated with me through out the day but the couple never needed anything because she was already on top of it.

I highly recommend Andy!

Andy is an amazing wedding coordinator to work with! She is an amazing communicator and makes wedding planning a breeze for my couples. She is super sweet, down to earth and helps keep the day running so incredibly smoothly. I recommend Double A Weddings to all of my couples looking for wedding coordinators!

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