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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the differences between your packages?

It's all about how much and the kind labor
I do for you

My packages may look different than other planners or coordinators, but I've thoughtfully designed them to work best for my working style and what my clients ask for.  


My Coordination package is more robust than someone who just comes in for one day, because I do my best work when I'm more involved with my clients prior to the wedding day and can go into the event confident and prepared - many planners call this approach partial planning or month-of coordination, but I start working for you once you book, regardless of when you book. In this package, I'm not keeping track of your wedding planning progress; rather, I'm coordinating what you plan. 


My Partial Planning package is due to a niche I saw in the market of finding clients who wanted something in between coordination and planning, who wanted to do the bulk of the planning labor, but have someone walk them through the planning process and keep them on track while still handling their wedding day, timeline, site plan, and vendor communications for them.

Lastly, my Full Service Planning means I do almost all of the labor and you make decisions and sign contracts, make payments, create your song list, etc. 

Though I have built my packages on rough estimates on my labor, none of my packages limit the amount of hours I will put in for you. Some weddings take more labor than others, but, I do what it takes, no matter how long it takes. Read on to see more details to what I do for you for my packages and, as always, I'm happy to discuss the differences and answer any questions you have to help you pick the right package for you.

What do you do for me as my wedding coordinator?

Create your event timeline

I create a timeline of all events in your wedding from rehearsal to setup to ceremony to reception to cleanup, which you will review, collaborate on, and approve. My goal is to send your approved timeline to all of your vendors by two weeks prior to your wedding day. 

Correspond with vendors

You are responsible for booking and working with your vendors and providing me with their contact information, but I coordinate with your vendors to build your timeline and I send a finalized copy to every vendor necessary. I also create a vendor contact  sheet.


I will make sure we're on-track for the wedding and will work with your schedule to facilitate regular check-ins. Every couple's needs and preferences are different, but I like to say you'll see my face about once a month, or more if necessary. And of course, we'll have unlimited email communications. 

Tour your event space

I like to do a site visit with you, if in the Portland metro area, to run through your site plan and consult and advise on the event layout as-needed. If you need me to travel outside of Portland for a site visit, I will do so for a mileage fee.

Create your
site plan

I collaborate with you on your site plan. This process will be slightly different for every wedding and venue, but rest assured you can lean into my expertise and resources.

Run your wedding rehearsal

If you're having a rehearsal, which I highly encourage you to do, no matter how small your wedding party, I will be there to manage and direct. 

Manage your wedding day!

I've heard other coordinators call this job a stage manager and my theater background loves this. I will greet and work with vendors, supervise setup, direct your wedding party, keep your timeline on track, and make sure your venue is happy. I often help place décor (I'm very good at it!) or work with florists or event designers to ensure everything is to your specifications. 

What do you do for me as my wedding planner?

Everything above plus so much more!

I have two planning packages: full service planning and partial service planning. Both include all of the coordinator services. With partial service, I guide you through the process, help you with decisions, and consult along the way.  Think of it like wedding planning coaching. With full service,  I take care of almost everything, such as venue and vendor research and communication, gathering quotes, setting up meetings, facilitating contracts, and managing every detail so that you are able to save time, and focus on making decisions. I can help you set up your budget and consult on  budget, but you are responsible for paying the venue and vendors. Includes unlimited meetings to ensure perfect execution. 

What else do you do or don't do for clients?

What value adds and resources do you provide?

I have unique discount code on all Minted wedding products! I also have relationships with vendors that can make the planning process easy - and some offer discounts for my clients. 


I provide my preferred vendor list (though of course I'll work with other vendors), a wedding day emergency kit for every couple for the getting ready space (along with my robust emergency kit I take to every event) , and I have décor inventory from past events I can lend or rent out to clients. I also have other digital resources, tips sheets, and templates to aid with your wedding planning, regardless of package. I am also always glad to offer my exceptional English grammar and syntax skills to help you proofread any text (like websites, signage, or invitations).

The other things I do for you are harder to quantify, but are best described as support! One of my clients called it "sports bra" level support! I am here for all my clients, regardless of their package, to use as a sounding board, give advice, or just listen to you vent. Planning a wedding can be stressful because it's a big , complicated thing you've never done before, costs you a lot of money, and is one of the most emotional events a person goes through. I think simply being there for my clients helps mitigate a lot of that stress.

I also offer A La Carte add-ons for an extra fee, such as wedding day emcee services, extra planning or onsite labor, etc.  Each add-on is based on hourly labor and will be quoted on a case by case basis. 

What don't you do?

This part is never fun to share, but I believe in boundaries and I'm just one human trying to make your wedding perfect! In general, these are the things I do not do, but if there is a logistical item that you can't get anyone else to do, discuss it with me and I'll see what I can do. I'm happy to work with you if you are upfront with me and I will provide some noes for an extra fee. I do not: do the jobs of other vendors, such as DJ, emcee, photography, and catering or bartending functions (such as making silverware rollups, bussing tables, etc.). I don't do hazardous tasks, like working with sparklers, carrying extremely heavy elements, climbing ladders, or disposing of catering trash. I don't design or distribute any wedding media. I don't sign contracts with vendors, make payments, or make decisions on your behalf. If there is a last-minute task that I need to perform that is on my "no" list, I reserve the right to charge an additional fee for that labor.

Are there weddings you won't book?

I will no longer book outdoor weddings in Winter, Spring, or Fall that do not want to have decent coverage planned (tent, barn, etc.).  If your venue does not already provide outdoor coverage, there will be a small upcharge to your package fee based on wedding size to arrange a canopy or tent. Pro-tip: have a tent planned for your non-summer wedding and you can release it if you don't need it.

Do you travel outside of Portland?

Weddings within the Portland metro area are included in the package cost. I do travel further to drivable distances and with a travel fee based on mileage and/or lodging if applicable, depending on the distance. Just ask!

Do you use an assistant?

I do, yes! I will use my best discretion to decide if I need an assistant onsite at your wedding and, if I use an assistant or two, I cover that cost. 

Do you take bookings on holidays?

Most holidays, yes! I don't book events on Christmas eve/day.

Other important questions

Why do I need
a wedding coordinator or planner?

Because events are more work than anyone knows! They may look like magic, but they're simply not. Hire a coordinator to enjoy your day without worry. Hire a planner to lean into their expertise and connections and make the planning process less stressful. You don't have to hire me or any event coordinator or planner, but if you do, you'll have the peace of mind of having a professional step in and make your wedding day look and feel easy.

What is the booking and payment process?

Contact me and if I'm available on your wedding date, we'll set a time to meet virtually. If you don't know your date, you also have the option to plan your wedding around my availability. I do require a first-time intake meeting for all clients so we can get to know each other and get on the same page. Once you've chosen your pricing package and want to book, I will put a soft hold on your wedding date and then will send you a contract to sign virtually. Please do read it all before signing! I require an $800 deposit at time of contract, regardless of package. Then, 50% of the remainder will be due 5 months prior to your wedding date and the final balance is due one month prior to the event including any travel fees. I send out reminders and invoices so you never have to worry about forgetting.

What are your office hours?

In general, I keep office hours Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm. I am typically unavailable (outside of events and site visits) on weekends. During roughly June through October (wedding season), I take Mondays off to compensate for weekend work. As is the nature of events life, this is subject to change due to site visits, wedding rehearsals, and events. 

However, I am always happy to work around my clients' schedules and will do my best to make time for you outside of office hours. Please try to give me some notice if that's what you need. 

Do you take on multiple events per weekend?

Nope! I do not have the energy or a large enough team to do that successfully. I prefer to be at 100% when I work a wedding or event and, for me, that means one wedding a weekend, or a weekday close to the weekend, as weekday weddings do happen,

How many weddings or events do you book a year?

I book a max of 13 weddings a year. This is the amount that allows me to be at my best for the planning or coordination process and event days and provide the personalized level of service to my clients that I pride myself in. Maybe one day, I'll hire a team and expand my capacity, but for now, I'm happy with this number.

Are you insured?


You didn't answer my question

Contact me and I'm happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

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